Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Alternative Server Names

Occasionally you'll decomission an old server but you don't know if there are any hard coded links in place to that servers name, to get around that issue you can add an alternative server name, this alternative name allows the server to respond to requests on that name as well as the name it already has.

The domain functional level is Windows 2003 Native, you can then use the following command:
netdom computername <servers_name> /add:<additional_name>.<>
Next you need to add a CNAME entry in to DNS for the additional name directing it to the existing DNS entry for the server. 
Finally you can need to disable strict name checking, that is the mechanism that allows the server to only respond on its primary name. Open regedit and navigate to the following key:
Create a new DWORD called DisableStrictNameChecking with a value of 1 then restart the server.

Your server will now respond on the additional name you've given it, next you need to reshare the volumes or printers with the same share names as the server you're replacing and users can continue to use their old shortcuts, mapped drives and printers.

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